NILAI – Approximately over 3,000 members of the Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM) community gathered at the Kompleks Islam Tuanku Muhriz to express solidarity with the people of Palestine during the staging of the “Palestinian Forum: Time for Resurgence.” The event featured celebrity panelists Heliza Helmi and her sister Hazwani Helmi, collectively known as The Helmis, along with Dr. Sani Araby Abdul Alim Araby, the Head of Humanitarian Activities at MAPIM Malaysia.

The program, organized by the Malaysian Consultative Council of Islamic Organizations (MAPIM) in collaboration with USIM’s Alamiyyah and Islamic Centre, received overwhelming support and participation from students, staffs and local residents alike. Its purpose was to raise awareness and foster a spirit of resistance against the Zionist atrocities in Palestine.



Heliza urged all young people, particularly the students present that night, to utilize their respective social media platforms to share accurate information about the Palestinian issue and to increase prayers for the victory and well-being of the Muslim community in Palestine.


Dr. Fauziah Hasan, the Director of USIM’s Alamiyyah, who was also in attendance, stated that USIM boasts 24 alumni from Palestine, 178 active Palestinian students, and three lecturers hailing from Palestine. Therefore, in an effort to assist the alumni, students, staff, and their families affected by the Israeli regime’s attacks on the Gaza Strip, USIM launched the “Prihatin Palestin” campaign through the Centre for Awqaf and Zakat (PWZ).

She further elaborated that through this fund, the USIM community and the public have the opportunity to contribute toward urgent needs such as medical assistance, hospital equipment, shelter, and food aid to support the Palestinian people, especially among the alumni, students, and staff of USIM. Together, they are extending a helping hand to the Palestinian people who are currently caught in the midst of conflict and a humanitarian crisis through the #USIMPrihatin Fund.